• Activity Feed
    With your social network, your users will be able to share a status update, photos, links, polls, blogs, songs and videos direct from the activity feed.
  • Mobile
    Most of the features that can be viewed in your social network can be viewed by many of today’s modern mobile devices including iPhone & Android.
  • Privacy
    The privacy of your users is an important key.  Your users can control who can view specific items by setting the privacy level for anything they post.

  • Monetize
    Our platform offers many opportunities to monetize your social network through ad sales, a marketplace, shopping carts & subscriptions.
  • Ad Campaigns
    If you want to monetize your site with ad sales or run your own ads for products, events, and more, our ad management system will meet your needs.
  • User Groups
    You can create as many custom user groups as you want with multiple options that allow you to control specific user functions for each group.
  • Photos
    From profile pictures, to cover images, your users will be able to share pictures that relate to your social network’s purpose & give it character.
  • Forum
    Conversation in moderated threads can help your users build a community as they communicate with each other for support and fellowship.
  • Polls
    Polls are a great way for you to quickly get the pulse of your community’s users as well as a valuable perspective into how to better serve their needs.
  • Friends
    Your users will come for your content, but they will stay for the community.  When your users friend one another they will build your staying power.
  • Private Messaging
    When your users contact each other through our built in messaging system, you will drive them back to your site while keeping them active.
  • Videos
    The power of video content can reach your users like never before.  Upload videos to your own site or link to videos on major video sharing sites.
  • Events
    Notify your users of both offline or online events with our events tool that will help your community stay connected with structured interactions.
  • Audio
    Offering an audio content strategy can be a great way to get inside the pockets of your social network’s users with podcasts & expert interviews.
  • Account Privacy
    Not only can users define the privacy of specific items that they post within your social network, they can also set account level privacy.
  • Subscriptions
    Monetizing your social network with subscriptions ensures that you build a community of qualified users while enjoying a profitable return on investment.
  • Custom Fields
    We want your social network to be unique which is why it is important to offer you the ability to set custom fields for your user’s profiles.
  • Multilingual
    Need to go international? Your social network can quickly accommodate various major translations with our phrase management system.
  • Social Publishing
    Imagine your social network automatically posting content to major social networks everytime anyone posts anything within your community.
  • Member Profiles
    This is your user’s home within your social network and allows them to communicate with other users their passion for your content & expertise.
  • Instant Messenger
    Built into the footer of the site, your users will be able to instantly connect with other friends, or users who are online at the same time.


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