Do I already need to have a following to start a Squiggle Group?
If you do, it is a plus. If not, we will help you build one.
What if I am not very technically savvy?
No worries, we have designed Squiggle Groups to be so easy even a caveman or gecko could use it. Our system is familiar and it is very easy to learn. Plus, we will assign one of our Community Managers to you to do all the heavy lifting. It is like having a butler. Trust us, it’s awesome!
Do I need to already have lots of content?
Content is what makes this platform run, because when you give people something valuable they will keep coming back. The more you have in place ahead of time, the easier it will be to launch your platform quickly. Even so, our Squiggle Community Managers are trained to help you develop your content into bite sized morsels that are perfect for the social media society you want to reach.
Can I have a custom look and feel of the site?
Yes, absolutely. We customize designs by changing colors and layouts. The options are virtually limitless. Your Squiggle butler, or community manager as we call them, will help you make it your own! 
Who hosts the platform?
We offer Squiggle Groups as a SAAS. That stands for Software As A Service. This really means that you don’t have to buy expensive servers because your community will live online. We will manage the hard stuff. All you have to do is Squiggle.
How do I get support?
Call us, email us, send us a message in a bottle… we are ready to help. You can also submit your questions via an online ticket system if you prefer. Remember, we are a service provider and we will take good care of you.
How much does it cost?
Well, it kind of depends on what you need. Truthfully, this application is a custom solution and is scalable depending on the services required. It usually costs about half of what a regular website costs. Please call us to explore how we can be of service and we will create a solution for you.
Do you offer a Video Chat Module?
Yes we do! If you are brave enough to put your mug online, we will broadcast you like Mike TV on Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Just know that the Video Chat feature is an optional service available for an additional hosting fee that integrates right into the platform.
Why should I get a Squiggle Group?

Because only the coolest people have them.

Because Squiggle Groups create a platform to help our clients change the world. Would you like to do that? Then you need to talk to us about how we can help you do what you were made to do!

Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need people. We help you develop a following that will be interested in what you have to say and/or sell.

Because Squiggle Groups are proving to be one of the best, most cost effective and enjoyable way of communicating ideas, delivering content, developing relationships, and creating momentum in today’s society.

Because people today want access to information, they want to be part of a community, and they want their life to make a difference to a cause that is bigger than their current realm of influence. Squiggle Groups provide the opportunity for you meet these types of needs for people all over the planet.

Because you need an opportunity to give voice to your ideas.


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