Who is Squiggle Group

Squiggle Group is a bunch of radically cool techno-savvy believers who are skilled at broadcasting ideas ranging from the quietest thoughts to the most demonstrative movements through systems that are familiar and shockingly easy to use.

Define Squiggle

A squiggle is a short, irregular mark made while writing or drawing. Basically, anytime one captures a brilliant thought on a napkin, sticky note or the palm of their hand, they are squiggling. Unfortunately, most of the time, these ideas fail to reach their potential…and that is where we come in. We take your thoughts and build online communities around them to make your dreams become reality. We call these online communities Squiggle Groups.

Our History

Squiggle Group morphed out of a brain trust that, since 1996, has developed some of the most powerful data and people management systems in the world including Trak-1 Technology, Smart-Trak, Premier Staffing, Core Data Source, PointLeader, Waterstone Management Consultants and One Seed Press.

We took our collective smarts and formed the most innovative interactive social learning platform conceivable.  We hope you like it.

Our Future

Squiggle Group selectively stewards the messages of some of the most influential world-changers known today.  We will only give you a reference after we get to know you because we guard the identity of those we serve.  It is kind of a private thing.  You see, we are about lifting up others rather than taking credit for their success.  Give us a try and you will understand.


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