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Knowledge and experience come at a high price. You paid your dues. You have a message. Now is the time to act. You can share your valuable expertise with others! Use the power of social media to connect you and your ideas to people who are hungry for your message.

Our System

Our system is familiar and is quick to master. For the few people on the planet who are new to this type of system, it is like falling off a log – if you try, you will succeed. Squiggle groups can deliver your content the way people want it – any device, anywhere, any time.

Your Following

You have a following that is interested in your message – people who value what you have to say and teach. When you give them convenient access to you and your knowledge, you create an opportunity to build a successful online learning community that can generate you income.

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What makes us different?

Check out all of the great features we can offer you:
  • Monetize

    Our platform offers many opportunities to monetize your social network through ad sales, a marketplace, shopping carts & subscriptions.

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  • User Groups

    You can create as many custom user groups as you want with multiple options that allow you to control specific user functions for each group.

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  • Friends

    Your users will come for your content, but they will stay for the community. In addition, your users will build your staying power each time that they friend one another.

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  • Mobile

    Most of the features that can be viewed in your social network can be viewed by many of today’s modern mobile devices including iPhone & Android.

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